Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure

Funding Type


Grantor Agency

Texas Department of Agriculture

Grant Range

Up to 100K for equipment only, Up to 3M for infrastructure

# of Awards Available


Programmatic Area

Agriculture & Food



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Eligible Entities

Agricultural producers or processors or groups of producers/processors; Nonprofit organizations operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities; For-profit, small business, organizations operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities that meet the Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard for federal contracting; Local government & tribal government entities operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities; and Institutions such as schools, universities, or hospitals bringing producers together to establish cooperative or shared infrastructure or invest in equipment that will benefit multiple producers. See the official Request for Grant Application (RFGA) documents for further eligibilty requeirements.

Focus Area

For projects that support the expanded capacity for the aggregation, processing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, wholesaling, and distribution of locally and regionally produced food products including specialty crops, dairy, grains for human consumption, aquaculture, and other food products, excluding meat and poultry.


Ryan Horsak Grant Specialist (512) 463-6616, Portland, OR 97204 Voice: (866) 923-5626 ext. 1 (toll-free) or (503) 414-3300 Fax: (855) 824-6180

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