Capacity Building Grants for Non-Land Grant Colleges of Agriculture Program

Funding TypeGrant
Grantor Agency

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Grant RangeUp to 750K
# of Awards Available20
Programmatic AreaAgriculture & Food
Programmatic AreaEducation
Programmatic AreaEnergy & Environment
Deadline January 16, 2025
Match Required?
Match Amountn/a
Eligible EntitiesApplications may only be submitted by a Non-Land Grant College of Agriculture (NLGCAs) certified as such by the NIFA at the time of application.
Focus AreaCapacity Building Grants for Non-Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture Program (NLGCA) Institutions may use the funds: (a) to successfully compete for funds from Federal grants and other sources to carry out educational, research, and outreach activities that address priority concerns of national, regional, State, and local interest; (b) to disseminate information relating to priority concerns to interested members of the agriculture, renewable resources, and other relevant communities, the public, and any other interested entity; (c) to encourage members of the agriculture, renewable resources, and other relevant communities to participate in priority education, research, and outreach activities by providing matching funding to leverage grant funds; and (d) through: (1) the purchase or other acquisition of equipment and other infrastructure (not including alteration, repair, renovation, or construction of buildings); (2) the professional growth and development of the faculty of the NLGCA Institution; and (3) the development of graduate assistantships.
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