21st Century Museum Professionals Program (2024)

Funding TypeGrant
Grantor Agency

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Grant RangeUp to 500K
# of Awards Available7
Programmatic AreaArts & Humanities
Programmatic AreaCapacity Building
Programmatic AreaHistoric Preservation
Programmatic AreaWorkforce & Economic Development
Deadline March 1, 2025
Match Required?
Match Amount100%
Eligible EntitiesMust be either a unit of State, local, or tribal government or be a private, nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code; a museum that, using a professional staff, is organized on a permanent basis for essentially educational, cultural heritage, or aesthetic purposes; owns or uses tangible objects, either animate or inanimate; cares for these objects; and exhibits these objects to the general public on a regular basis through facilities that it owns or operates.
Focus AreaThe 21st Century Museum Professional (21MP) grant program advances the growth and development of a diverse workforce of museum professionals. The 21MP program supports projects that offer professional development to the current museum workforce; employ strategies to train and recruit future museum professionals; and support evaluation efforts to identify and share effective practices. IMLS recognizes the important role of strong local and regional networks as an essential tool for providing peer to peer learning, training and mentoring opportunities. The 21MP program encourages applications from museum associations, museum studies programs at institutions of higher education, and museums that serve as key parts of the professional learning and training environment.;
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