Reliable Flexible Funding for Mental Health and Well-Being

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

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Nonprofit organizations, governmental entities and institutions of higher education in Texas with operational budgets ranging from $15,000-$250,000 are eligible to apply. Units or programs within nonprofits, governmental entities, or higher education institutions whose programs address mental health and well-being with an annual budget of $15,000-$250,000 may also apply.

Focus Area

The Hogg Foundation believes that mental health is not solely an individual responsibility but is a product of community conditions. The places where people live, learn, work, play, and pray can have a significant impact on improving mental health. Through this grant initiative, the Hogg Foundation intends to invest $5 million over five years, awarding $1,000,000 per year. Grantee partners will receive varying award amounts, ranging from $25,000 – $250,000 distributed equally over five years. The maximum award an organization can receive per year is 30% of their current operating budget or $50,000, whichever is less

Contact  Portland, OR 97204 Voice: (866) 923-5626 ext. 1 (toll-free) or (503) 414-3300 Fax: (855) 824-6180

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Applicants interested in submitting a proposal in response to this funding opportunity must submit the required documentation using Fluxx, the foundation’s grant management system Fluxx registration is required for organizations without an existing account by 11:59 pm CST, Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

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