Middle Skills Credential (Rural Services)

Funding TypeGrant
Grantor Agency

Texas Workforce Commission

Grant RangeUp to 100K
# of Awards Availablevariable
Programmatic AreaCapacity Building
Programmatic AreaEducation
Programmatic AreaWorkforce & Economic Development
Deadline May 31, 2024
Match Required?Match Not Required
Match Amountn/a
Eligible EntitiesLocal Workforce Development Boards
Focus AreaTWC has identified the Middle Skills Gap as a key area for workforce development. This Credentialing initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance skill levels in occupations that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. Through this program, TWC is committed to strengthening the link between education, training, and the labor market, ensuring that Texas has a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of a rapidly changing economic landscape. This investment is a strategic step towards bridging the middle skills gap and fostering a robust, skilled workforce in Texas.
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