Groundwater and Streamflow Information Program

Funding Type

Cooperative Agreement

Grantor Agency

U.S. Department of the Interior

Grant Range

Up to 150K for one year, Up to 300K for two years

# of Awards Available


Programmatic Area

Energy & Environment



Match Required?

Match Amount


Eligible Entities

City or township governments, county governments, state governments

Focus Area

The funding available for this Program Announcement is expected to be up to $1,700,000 for Federal FY2023. This estimate does not bind the USGS to a specific number of awards or to the amount of any individual award. Congress has not yet authorized FY2023 funds for the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network, so awards cannot be made until this funding is appropriated. Work performance under these awards must be completed within the two-year cycle from the start date. The timing of funds availability and the signing of the award will determine the start date. Individual applications are restricted to a funding level of $150,000 for a one-year project or $300,000 for a two-year project. Funding for routine work under Objective 2A to maintain persistent data services is limited to $20,000 per year. Substantial involvement of the USGS is anticipated to provide support to new data providers during the site selection and classification process and to establish web services that interact with the NGWMN Data Portal. USGS also will provide guidance to existing data providers on techniques for collection of site information, on well maintenance activities, and on well drilling to support development of the NGWMN.


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