Diaper Distribution Demonstration and Research Pilot

Funding TypeCooperative Agreement
Grantor Agency

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Grant RangeUp to 1.2M
# of Awards Available7
Programmatic AreaYouth & Children
Deadline July 11, 2024
Match Required?
Match Amount9%
Eligible EntitiesOther, CSBG state associations, tribes that were funded directly by CSBG in FY 2024, and CSBG-funded territories.Please see the full notice of funding opportunity for a list of eligible organizations.
Focus AreaRecipients will partner with community action agencies (CAAs), local social service agencies, and/or other non-profit community organizations to operate and expand diaper distribution programs for families with low incomes.The purpose of the DDDRP is to evaluate the ability of CAAs, social services agencies, and other non-profit community organizations to provide diapers and diapering supplies on a consistent basis through diaper distribution programs while also providing wraparound support services for families with low incomes.
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